Saturday, January 5, 2008

ghosts and things...

Ok...get this...we have ghosts (or at least one) in our house...again.

About 6 years ago, when we lived in our first apartment in TX, we had a ghost. We had a pole lamp that sat against the wall in the living room. This lamp was pretty heavy...the electric cord was coiled up underneath the base, and the weight of it made an indention in the carpet. Quite often, when we would get home, the lamp would be moved...down one side or the other a few feet, to the middle of the floor...just moved. We could move it back, leave to get dinner, and it would be moved again when we returned home. It was kind of freaky, but hey...the only thing that ever happened was the moving of the lamp.

From there, we moved to a different apartment...I don't remember any weird happenings there. Then, we moved into our current house, almost 3 years ago.

After moving into our house, the ghost returned. The lamp mentioned above is now upstairs, and has never been moved again. The ghost's attention was turned to a Japanese carved camphor wood chest that we have in our was passed down from El Guapo's grandparents. This chest is very is about 4' long x 2.5' deep x 2.5 ' high...and it is filled with blankets and things. We started to notice that the chest wasn't always in the same place as where we placed it. The same as the lamp, it would be moved down the wall a foot or two, or out from the wall. There was no reasonable explanation for it...the bedroom door would be closed, just like when we left the house, but the chest would be moved...with indentions in the carpet where it originally was sitting. After this freaking me out for a couple of years, I asked the ghost to leave. The chest hasn't moved since.

Our sweet kitty Cloud passed away just over a year December 2006. I found her when I got home from work one night, and obviously took it very hard. We spoke to our vet, and her death was textbook for a feline heart condition. She had no symptoms, and died in her sleep. I was heartbroken and still cry about her occasionally. In our living room, across from where she was found, in a niche where our tv is located, we have some staggered shelves. On the top shelf, I have pictures of Cloud, along with her 3 brothers...all black & white pictures, and all in matching frames. Each picture has a tealight candle holder in front. More times than I can count, since her death, Cloud's picture has moved. All the other frames are exactly where they should be, but hers is turned to one side or the other. This has freaked me out as well, and once again, I asked the ghost to hasn't happened since then.

One night last week, me & El Guapo were laying in bed, chit chatting...and for some reason we started talking about our past ghosts, and that they hadn't been around in a while. I told him I had asked them to leave, and that apparently they had. He made a statement that got me thinking...he said that he wished they would come back, b/c things went better for us when they were around. So, a few nights later, I was sitting on the couch in the living room, and I asked the ghosts to come back and take care of us. El Guapo was not home, and I did not tell him that I did this.

Well, last night, we got home after work, to a surprise. The picture of Cloud had fallen off of the top shelf, along with the glass tealight holder...hit a stack of dvd's and scattered them all over the living room floor. Cloud's picture frame was upside down on the tv shelf, 5 feet below the shelf...and the glass was not even broken. One of the other frames on the shelf was turned a tiny bit, but her picture was the only one that had fallen. I do believe Cloud's ghost is back to take care of us. It is just quite freaky that only a few nights earlier I asked the ghosts to come back. I've thought about this...there is no way that my other cats knocked this frame off...nothing on the other shelves was moved to make me think they had climbed up to the top. Her frame is the third in a row, and there is no way that hers is the only one that they would have knocked off. I'm not an overly superstitious person, but I really believe this is a ghostly experience. ghosts are back...hopefully that means this will be a better year for us.

Has anyone else had anything like this happen? I'm interested to know if I'm the only weirdo that has things like this happen in my house...


C said...

Wow! Just reading this post sent shivers up my spine! At least the ghosts seem to be "good" ghosts. It may sound odd, but I do believe in stuff like that. When I was a kid, I experienced some pretty weird stuff in our house. Like doors that were locked would all of a sudden be unlocked and opened just a bit or just a weird feeling of coolness in the house. We discovered from neighbours that the previous owner had committed suicide in the master bedroom. We put the house up for sale and then all of a sudden, the pipes started leaking, the roof started was weird! We found out that the previous owner was a plumber when he was alive. CREEPY!

I've got tons of other creepy stories. I've blogged about them before. I'll have to look up my archives for you.

Anyway, I just popped by to see how you were doing. Just checkin' in for updates :) xo

C said...

Hi, M! It's just me checking in on you! Hope all is well :)

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Lisa said...

New comment on an old post, but I've had quite a few unexplained/freaky things happen in my house. I've got family that visits - my mom and my birth brother for sure, and one other that I'm not quite sure who it is. Julian's toys used to go off by themselves all the time when he was a baby, and I heard what had to be my mother talking to him over the baby monitor. Whenever something happens now, I think, ah, it's just family visiting. :)

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